About Us

About Visual Science Informatics

Visual Science Informatics, LLC is a Visual Analytics and Information Visualization business and technology services company specializing in visualization of text analysis software and content analysis tools. We service our customer in the preparation of complex data for public presentation and making your public visual communication unforgettable.

We are dedicated to improve patient learning, communication, and satisfaction by:

  • Improving patient's care
  • Accelerating patient's learning
  • Enabling personal-caring insights
  • Enhancing patient-provider communication


Our Vision

Educational visualization will improve patient learning and communication for “more timely and accurate exchange, significantly reducing information overload, and increasing patients' understanding and empowerment. This greater autonomy, in turn, will promote shared medical decision making and mitigate safety risks for patients as they become partners in their own health management.”


Our Mission

Create awareness on the potential benefits of visual science informatics in healthcare communication and develop “patient-orientated visualization of medical and health information that can improve their understanding and enhance the communication process, engaging the patient in an active information exchange and in the decision-making process.”


Our Solution

Our content analysis and discovery software enables a clear understanding of your content using our insightful Content Messaging Outcome Analysis (CMOA). Our solution enhances your content discovery to make your communication engaging and to increase your content impact by using our proven process Research, Design, Evaluate, and Engage.